What is the Procedure Like?


The procedure is done in the office, with some local numbing medicine applied to the outside of the vulva if external treatment is being done. No sedation is needed.  The internal probe is smaller than an ultrasound wand, and is inserted into the vagina and spun as it is removed and the laser is fired.  This part takes 3-5 minutes.  If we are treating the outside on the vulva, the probe is changed and the laser is fired in a pattern over the vulva after wiping off the numbing medicine. You can go immediately back to regular activities, there is no downtime.

Pre & Post Procedure Care Instructions


  • No creams, hormone creams or lubricants in the vagina for 48 hours before the procedure.
  • No intercourse for 48 hours before the procedure
  • Please get “Recticare” numbing cream (this is an over the counter medication) which will be helpful after your procedure
  • If you have a history of genital herpes, please take one dose of Valtrex (1000mg) the night before the procedure, and continue it once a day for a total of 5 days


  • A little irritation and soreness are normal. This will generally resolve in 1-2 days.  Some watery vaginal discharge, light bleeding or spotting can also be normal.
  • Immediately after the procedure apply an ice pack.  You can use an ice pack over the first 24 hours, for 15 minutes at a time.
  • Use Recticare™ numbing cream as needed (Dibucaine or Benzocaine ointments are fine)
  • Apply Aquaphor ointment to the external area as needed
  • You can take 600mg (3 tabs) of ibuprofen (or Advil or Motrin) every 8 hours for the first 24 hours if needed
  • You may shower as you like, but no soaking in a bath for 48 hours
  • No intercourse or placing anything in the vagina for 48 hours